Portrait of Abbot John Eudes

The Abbey of the Genesee is the home of a community of Roman Catholic monks located in the beautiful Genesee valley of Upstate New York. Dom John Eudes Bamberger was the fourth Abbot of the Abbey of the Genesee for over thirty years. Upon reaching his 75th birthday in August of 2001 he submitted his resignation from the abbatial office in keeping with the Constitutions of the Order.

With the election of our new Abbot, Dom John Eudes began living the life of a hermit at the monastery while continuing to teach and work in the community. He also occasionally participates in celebrating the liturgy joining the community for conventualMass. While he no longer gives chapter talks he does continue to preach homilies from time to time.

In keeping with his practice of maintaining a web site for the publication of his chapter talks and homilies he will continue putting up his homilies while living in semi retirement.

The Index Page provides access to the recent homilies given by Dom John Eudes. The Archive Page preserves documents less recent in origin and makes them readily available for consultation. Monastic life has contributed immensely to the spiritual life of Christians at all periods of the Church's history, both in the East and West. Today too monks continue to seek union with God and wish to make a contribution to the spiritual life of all persons of good will. Christ's Person and his message remain a source of life for all human kind, and monastic spirituality has a way of presenting Him and his truth which opens new doors to life.