344 Pages of school history on the occasion of the anniversary

344 pages of school history on the occasion of the anniversary

As a "higher daughter school the caspar vischer high school in kulmbach started teaching in 1893. At a time when kulmbach had a population of just 7,000, this was something very special.
"The CVG is a piece of emancipation history, there has always been an innovative aspect to the school", said principal ulrike endres at the presentation of the commemorative publication for the school anniversary. 344 pages full of school history, biographies and contributions to the changes in the school building over time.

"A treasure chest"

The historian wolfgang schoberth was taken with the school building: "the CVG is a treasure chest, here we find great art on the building, such as the grandiose mosaic frieze in the atrium, created by the artists hans lewerenz and caspar walter rauh." The building itself was built in the bauhaus style and was a matter of the heart of fritz kerling, the city’s chief architect, who was a pupil of heinrich tessenow, the cult architect of the early modern era. The great thing is that the art is still kept alive at the CVG today.
A lot has changed at the school, and not just in the building itself. "The current library used to house the school chest", said ulrike endres, and thomas pittroff, now a teacher at the CVG, recalled his own school days. He belonged to the last class that was still cooking here "and at least as well as the girls". The boys at the former girls’ high school had to fight for some of their rights, such as being allowed to enroll in the social sciences branch of their education. "At first, that was reserved for girls only", explained ulrike endres.

Prominenet former

In an article, anke emminger explains how girls’ and women’s education in germany has changed since 1893. The commemorative publication also features a number of contemporary witnesses and introduces famous former schoolgirls such as rosa viandt and luise praetorius.
Of course, an essay on the school’s namesake, well known to the people of kulmbach as the architect of the beautiful courtyard of the plassenburg castle, is not to be omitted. "There are so many exciting things to tell about our school, we didn’t have that much space in our commemorative publication. We have therefore decided to present the information in the form of highlights", said endres and thanked all involved.
The commemorative publication for the 125th anniversary of caspar-vischer-gymnasium is available for 7.90 euros from the secretary’s office or at the jubilee celebration on 21 june. JULY. Bookstores also prepared to display them.

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