A visit from paradise

A visit from paradise

They came straight from paradise to see the state garden show: dobin samson, his wife collina jumeau and their seven-year-old son tristan. They live on mahe, the main island of the seychelles, and until now they could not even imagine that there were "real" seychelles in germany, too plants there. The fact that we are even organizing an exhibition in bamberg this year to show, among other things, entire gardens, their layout and care, astonished them even more. And that's why they just had to fly halay around the world to experience the state horticultural show.

The visit had been planned for years, of course. Because dobin and collina have been friends with a bamberg couple for twelve years. That's how long ago the two bambergers got to know and love the island world in the indian ocean off the east african coast. It consists of 42 granite and 73 coral islands, belongs to africa and is located north of madagascar and mauritius. Accordingly, it is sunny and warm in the seychelles: the air temperature varies between 24 and 30 degrees, the sea is 26 degrees all year round.

Huge plants such as breadfruit or dragon's blood trees dominate the primeval forests here, from eggplants to cinnamon all the southern useful plants grow and bamboo can be found just as frequently as gently curved palms. Seychelles' birdlife is one of the most diverse in the indian ocean. No wonder the samsons could hardly imagine vegetation in cold germany. On the contrary: when collina was in frankfurt years ago, she realized that "there are only houses here"! Many rough and small buildings, but no plants!"

Bougainvillea like weeds

hey are all the more amazed in bamberg. Not only the city finds her beautiful. "It is so full of history and life", swarm collina. The family is also fascinated by the huge green forests of the surrounding area. And they also like the state horticultural show.

Son tristan enjoys the playgrounds and collina is delighted by the many flowers and shrubs. "Oh how already, a bougainvillea!" She calls enthusiastically. "I had a red one in front of the house, but it got so rough we had to cut it down. These plants grow like weeds in our country", she tells. And she is very happy that she and her husband and son took the landesgartenschau as an incentive to finally visit their friends in bamberg.

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