Around 5,000 day guests on the volkersberg

Around 5,000 day guests on the volkersberg

In the youth education center and the learning center volkersberg paid 32 in the past year.958 overnight stays and around 5000 day guests. This makes the volkersberg house not only one of the most popular hosts among the conference houses of the bishopric of wurzburg, but also of the city and the state spa of bruckenau, according to a press release from the volkersberg.

While many groups used the house volkersberg as a meeting house for their own program, the guests of the own offers of the youth education center and the lernwerk volkersberg formed a good third of the overnight stays. The company’s activities include events for school classes, such as orientation days and circus project weeks, as well as company weekends, vacation camps and educational events.

In promoting these events, the volkersberg team had to contend above all with the effects of the european basic data protection regulation, it continues. In order to be able to send out the bergwerk program booklet in compliance with the law, all recipients had to give their written consent once again. "Unfortunately, we have lost several thousand addresses due to a lack of feedback.", explains ralf sauer, who is responsible for public relations at volkersberg. "To communicate with our guests, we are now increasingly using new channels such as a telegram information channel, facebook, instagram or youtube. We are especially proud of our new homepage, which has been online for three months now."

Thanks to grants from the state ministries of family, labor and social affairs as well as food, agriculture and forestry, many city and district youth associations, donations from regional companies, the forderverein freunde des hauses volkersberg (friends of the volkersberg) and grants from church tax funds, it was possible to keep the participation fees low.

In the past year, we paid around 10.000 overnight stays that do not belong to the classic groups with ties to the wurzburg diocese. "All guests are welcome here, no matter where they come from or what their request is. On the basis of our fundamental christian mission, we are happy to open our doors to schools, sports clubs, music groups, companies, groups of other denominations or private vacation guests, said rector klaus hofmann.

Due to the sustainable orientation of the conference center, the service-oriented approach of the staff, the design of the rooms and small impulse offers, many guests also came into contact with the good news of jesus christ. This is reflected in conversations with guests and their feedback that they perceive the volkersberg as a place with a special atmosphere. It has also been experienced that especially the places with a spiritual influence, such as the sensory garden, the garden of life or the pilgrimage church, are actively visited and allow the guests to come to rest.

Since the end of last year, the volkersberg team has been inviting people to the daily 11 a.M. Prayer service. 55 o’clock for the luncheon in the pilgrimage church. Klaus hofmann explains: "our guests have the opportunity to step out of their everyday lives for a few minutes, to let their thoughts flow and to perceive the work of god in their lives. If you let the sound of the bells bring you to rest, you will gather new strength for the second half of the day".

With such a rough house there is always a need for renovation. "The biggest construction site last year was the substance-preserving renovation of our west facade", reports the director of the adult education center lernwerk volkersberg, martina reinwald. This had become necessary due to a water ingress into the old facade and could not be postponed any longer. The project was financed from funds provided by the lernwerk association and the wurzburg diocese.

An overview of the diverse offers of the youth education center and the lernwerk volkersberg, such as vacation camps for children and young people, an in-service training course to become an adventure pathologist, circus weeks for school classes, the high ropes course, rhetoric courses, the basic course in biography work or women’s weekends can be found on the homepage.

With the goal of volunteer work at the volkersberg, free training courses for high ropes course trainers and circus trainers will also be held this spring. Interested people contact directly the volkersberg house.

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