Around the globe to modlos

Around the globe to modlos

Seventeen-year-old lucas flew 18 hours to reach his host family in modlos at the beginning of september. The journey began in his hometown of natal on the east coast of brazil. Change in lisbon, landing at the airport in frankfurt am main. And there the excited family zeis picked him up. "Lucas is our second host student. We are very happy that he is here", said host mother sonja zeis.
The contact came about through the organization AFS interkulturelle begegnungen e.V. This company arranges for guest students from abroad and also takes care of everything that is important: residence permit, health and liability insurance, and, and, and. Lucas' visa for his stay in germany is linked to school attendance. And this takes him to bad bruckenau on weekdays. There he attends the M10 at the middle school – for a whole school year, so he stays until july 2013.

Good experience

" am glad that our school can have the experience of a host school and i am looking forward to more experiences in this regard", says principal birgit herre. "He speaks english fluently, which enriches the english lessons of the M10 very much. His classmates are gradually losing their inhibition to speak english. This is very good for the students in view of their oral exams in english, but also in general to use the language correctly." The principal is also pleased that he takes part in many different courses and works well there.

Favorite dish: currywurst

what he likes most is cooking. He had little contact with this in his home country, because in his family in brazil a housekeeper is taking care of it. And he already has a favorite german food: "yes, i like currywurst with fries very much". I also like the german chocolate much better than the brazilian chocolate."
He is now getting along very well at school. His schoolmates had welcomed him very nicely, and his german had also become much better as a result. Why he wanted to go to germany? "My aunt lives in grafenrheinfeld, and I visited her a few years ago. I liked it here. I have also been to austria." And the good experiences of relatives have made his decision easier: "my cousins in brazil have all been to europe as guest students, they were all enthusiastic and found the time very exciting." He also liked to learn more german, because that could be helpful later in his professional life.
His everyday life in modlos, however, is very different from that in his hometown of natal. Not least because of the climatic and geographical conditions. "22 degrees celsius is cold here, but by german standards it's pleasantly warm," he says says the open-minded young man. His hometown is right on the coast. There he spends a lot of time with his friends on the beach. But he also likes the recreational opportunities here in germany very much. "We went to the oktoberfest, I loved it", he tells enthusiastically. Lucas also enjoys taking part in his host brother kevin's recreational activities – soccer, kung fu, the guardianship club. He even took part in the altar boys' excursion to the europapark in rust. "It was really great how openly and friendly kevin's friends welcomed me everywhere" says the seventeen year old and beams. Lucas gets along with his fifteen year old host brother unusually well.
"He is really an enrichment for our family", host father udo is also happy. Linguistic understanding in the family also works very well. "It is important that we speak mostly german with lucas so that he learns a lot. Only when we notice that he doesn't understand something do we switch to english," says host father ud, say the zeisens.

The dialect

the family has already had a lot of fun thanks to the modlos dialect with which the "guest son" speaks of course, they didn't get along right away. "Sometimes he stands there and looks at you without understanding if you don't remember to speak high german", says sonja zeis laughing.
Although the national language in brazil is portuguese, he learned english at school and through music, says lucas.
"Music is my main hobby. I play electric guitar and also write songs myself. Then i'm also in a metal cover band, and that's a lot of fun," he says says the music fan enthusiastically. Naturally, he would like to become a musician later, but earning money with it is not so easy.
During lucas' stay, the zeis family is supported by a family advisor who is on hand to offer advice and help with questions. Additionally, about two weeks after the arrival, an orientation camp took place. Later, there was a meeting in forchheim, where host school students and parents were able to share their experiences and give each other tips.
In the meantime, everyone has gotten used to each other and is looking forward to spending more time together. And lucas can only think of one thing he doesn't like so much in germany: "the fruit juices don't taste so good here." But apart from that, he has adjusted quite well to the many everyday things that are so much different than in brazil. Even the snow, which he saw for the first time in his life this weekend, was a lot of fun for him.

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