Beaver keeps kirchlauter on its toes

Beaver keeps kirchlauter on its toes

The only item on the agenda of the last municipal council meeting this year was to be the entry of the municipality of kirchlauter into the music school of ebern – until everything turned around the beaver, which is up to mischief in the clearing system of kirchlauter and thus also disturbs the peace at christmas.

As mayor karl-heinz kandler pointed out, the "beaver" has been causing three hours of work for our municipal workers every day for the last four weeks. Overnight, he worked so hard each time that there was a front-loader hodgepodge of ashes and small trees to remove.".

In this context, the mayor said that there are two oxidation ponds at the clearing plant, but one of them is no longer used. In this one, only a water height of one meter is given. He has already contacted the lower nature conservation authority about the problem and is still waiting for an answer. That is why he is disappointed and feels left alone with this problem.

Relocate, catch or kill

"Our clear system should work and has also cost a lot of money. That’s why we have to make sure that the dam is not punctured. I am curious what the lower nature conservation authority says." From a species protection point of view, there is also an exemption regulation and the community can insist that the beaver can be relocated, trapped or even killed.

Kandler: "if we don’t do anything, he will go through all the ponds and gradually take down all our plants to use for his construction"." There is another beaver right on the municipal border with breitbrunn on the lauter river.

Some time ago, the community council had already applied for three hours of music lessons per week for the two kindergartens and the elementary school kirchlauter at the music school ebern. For this, 2400 euros per course was approved. Now it was a question of joining the music school ebern as a member and to make the music lessons more permanent. So that the municipality can act flexibly, an annual opportunity for consultation and an annual renegotiation of the music lessons were provided for in the contract. The membership fee for the music school is 0.50 euros per resident per year. The committee agreed.

Higher demands possible

Mayor kandler then informed about a challenge with the program "inside instead of outside", which could also enable a higher demand for the renovation of the oskar-kandler-center in kirchlauter. But this now requires a decision and the building application. This is to be accomplished in the next time.

In conclusion, mayor kandler made it clear that he is currently in the process of obtaining renovation bids for the clearing facility in pettstadt. The disc diving body small clear plant there is already more than 20 years old and there is no way around a renovation or renewal to tackle.

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