Bicycle tour through the northern steigerwald forest

Bicycle tour through the northern steigerwald forest

Often people over 50 without a past as mountain bikers discover cycling for themselves through the E-bike. However, they make certain demands on the bike paths, because with goggles, riding in the open becomes quite difficult even for people with disabilities. This tour suggestion is aimed precisely at these cycling enthusiasts.

The tour starts at the parking lot of the RSV-sportgeland in unterschleichach. On the state road it goes west in the direction of neuschleichach, where the road turns into a field path. This becomes the "kam-merstrabe", a central corridor road for all those who hike or cycle in the area and are on their way to zabelstein or rauhenebrach.

The chamber road was newly gravelled in 2019, with a pleasant fine gravel, but the surface is not yet well consolidated everywhere, so caution is definitely required. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the forest, you should take a short break and concentrate on the road while you are driving.

Through the shady forest it goes very moderately uphill. After about eight kilometers, the path crosses the road between fabrikschleichach and hundelshausen. If you like, you can turn right and take a detour to the zabelstein. Straight across the tour continues through the forest, which then widens into a picturesque meadow ground. Along the idyllic erlesbach the cyclist reaches obersteinbach after a good ten kilometers. Also here one could make a detour and go to fub a stuck on the path of biodiversity.

There is a lot to see along the way, whether it is the wotansborn or many monasteries. The tour continues on the road to untersteinbach, where the continuous paved bike path network of rauhenebrach is then available. On the direct way there are three kilometers to theinheim; who a small "mountain stage" if you would like to include a three-kilometer loop over koppenwind, you will be rewarded with magnificent views. There are also more of the ten refreshment stops that the route offers in total. In theinheim, it is possible to take a short hike on the waldgeisterweg (forest spirits' path).

The valley of the rough ebrach is wide, the cycle path is flat (on this route you can cycle to bamberg or in the opposite direction to kitzingen). In prolsdorf the route leaves the route in the direction of bamberg: at the district border habberge/bamberg it goes outwards in the direction of the north. On about three kilometers there are almost 80 meters of altitude to overcome, but here again a magnificent distant view rewards the mooing. The worst of the climb is over at the flurkapelle. Breathe deeply.

On the new high road, the route continues from schindelsee along the new intermunicipal cycle path in the direction of dankenfeld. Before dankenfeld, the route branches off at a rough crossroads onto the staatsstrabe in the direction of fatschenbrunn (but the route to dankenfeld and back is also worth a visit to the beer garden). The 6.4 kilometers drove past markertsgrun – where highland cattle graze – and hummelmarter to fatschenbrunn, with its old pear trees. The bike tour turns off into the village, here it goes first steeply down the dorfstrabe, from the church past the sports ground then up again. Here, too, at the crucifixion group, a look back at the golden village of fatschenbrunn is worthwhile – there is still the possibility for a fubweg on the european cultural trail (entrance in the village center next to the church). On the kreisstrabe it goes down again to unterschleichach.

The tour takes just under two hours if you "cycle down" it. But the "branches" that were pointed out, viewpoints and the many gastronomic offers along the route are ideal for a day trip.

If you don't want to risk a gravel road at all, start the tour in fatschenbrunn, ride over the steigerwald-hohenstrabe to fabrikschleichach and join the described route in ober- or untersteinbach.

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