Bischberg puts money into canal

Money the council took in hand at its youngest meeting. This year, the leithe local road is to be completed with the renewal of all sewer and water pipes and the road itself. 424,705 euros have been budgeted for sewer and water works, and 350,668 euros for road works.

More formal character had the confirmation of the commandant and his deputy of the voluntary fire department bischberg. Martin raab was elected as commander, andreas then as his deputy, and unanimously confirmed by the council.

A million euro project

The new construction of the regnitzbrucke on the B 26 federal highway near bischberg is a matter of concern for the bischberg town council. According to the planning approval decision of the government of upper franconia, the total cost of the canal will be almost twelve million euros. The road construction project includes the demolition of the bridge and its replacement to the east of the existing bridge, as well as the alteration of the intersection between the B 26 and the BA 36 district road by creating a traffic circle and the southern relocation of the local connection road between bischberg and gaustadt. Since the crossing points of the roads change in the course of this reduction, the road construction burden also changes, according to johann burgermeister. This was then transferred to the municipality of bischberg on a long of up to 180 meters. In addition, a considerable traffic jam is to be expected during peak traffic hours with the planning of the traffic circle. The bischberg community council therefore unanimously decided to take legal action before the bavarian administrative court because of the negative effects of the new regnitzbrucke bridge.

A bit of a grin was the message about increasing difficulties in reading water meters by tenants or homeowners, where water and electricity meters were often mixed up, often leading to crazy results.

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