Bundeswehr presents its civilian training occupations

Bundeswehr presents its civilian training occupations

For two days, the motto of the hammelburg site was "the bundeswehr is an attractive employer and training company with a wide range of career opportunities". For the first time, the bundeswehr service center (dwdlz) in hammelburg invited secondary schools in the region to an information event to present the wide range of civilian training positions to the schoolchildren. The feedback from the schools was impressive. More than 200 registrations for the two days were received by the bwdlz hammelburg, and it was now a matter of preparing the two days accordingly.

After a brief welcome by the deputy head of the department, roarin christiana stromel, and a briefing on the program by the department’s training officer, RAR detlef stauss, "schwarmten" was held also already the school groups to the different stations from. At six hands-on and information stations, the various professions, such as electronics technician, plant mechanic, metalworker, automotive mechatronics technician/industrial mechanic, etc., were clearly presented to the schoolchildren. Presented. Also the administrative area did not come too briefly. At one of the stations you could get detailed information about the training to become an administrative assistant, or. Informing about the career training for the middle non-technical administrative service.

At the last station, the fire department presented itself with a vehicle show, as well as the career center of the german armed forces with an information truck. Flyers with the most important information about the respective training professions could also be picked up there.

The feedback at the end of the days was the same for almost all visitors: "we had not thought that there are so many different civilian training opportunities with the bundeswehr", as one teacher summed it up.

The aim of this event, to increase awareness of civilian vocational training with the german armed forces in the region and to arouse interest in training at the bwdlz hammelburg, was more than achieved in the opinion of all those involved. Due to the success is also another "day of the schools" similar form planned for 2020. The bwdlz hammelburg is now looking forward to hopefully receiving numerous applications for the 2020 training year. D. Stauss

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