Burkardroth: car juggernaut for nine passengers

Burkardroth: car juggernaut for nine passengers

Mobility and traffic in the rural area are a major issue – this also applies to the district of bad kissingen. The market town of burkardroth is now backing a car-sharing project. "The project is not the burgerbus, which we are still pursuing", emphasizes daniel wehner (CSU), the 1. Mayor of the commune.

Car sharing: what options are there in the countryside??

"The car is intended for weekend games of soccer teams, for example, explains wehner. "So you don’t have to drive five or six cars anymore – but maybe just one next to the nine seater." This also had advantages for the environment. Another possible use is, for example, the joint outing of several couples who are friends. The opel can even be borrowed for several days – for a weekend trip, for example, or for a week’s vacation.

According to mikar gmbh, the municipality has no entrepreneurial or financial risk of its own in the process. The vehicles are fully financed by third-party funding for four years.

Markt burkardroth wants to keep residents mobile: these are the ideas

The car is not intended for shopping trips or visits to the doctor. For such trips, the municipality continues to work on various approaches, including the burgerbus and the car-sharing bank. "When the situation has eased with the corona pandemic, we’ll ask the burgers about the bank", gives wehner an insight into the project. In addition, the locations still had to be clarified. Various signs are to be installed at the banks to make it clear where the person waiting wants to go.

To test whether a burger bus makes sense, the head of the town council already has an idea: "it would be possible to rent the opel as a test burger bus, so to speak, and try out how it is received when different places are served, before we as a municipality buy two buses and no one rides with them."

Where to park the nine-seater?

Since last thursday, the residents have been able to drive the nine-seater from opel. The company mikar, based in deggendorf, is responsible for the car. The vehicle has its permanent location at the upper marktstrabe 17 in burkardroth.

What are the conditions to rent?

Anyone who has a valid driver’s license and has registered as a driver with the company free of charge online or via an app on their smartphone can rent the opel – even if they are not from the burkardroth market. An activation takes place within two days. A few clicks on the smartphone are all it takes to book the nine-seater for a trip. The mini-van can only be opened with this device, keys and papers can be found in the car. The opel must be returned to the site at the end of the journey with a full tank of fuel.

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