Women lose working time

In the corona crisis, women have to accept higher working hours than men. They are also less likely to receive supplementary short-time allowances, according to a survey by the trade union hans bockler foundation published on tuesday. An important reason for the renewed shutdown is that women have taken on additional care work, such as looking after children or caring for relatives.

According to the foundation, in november it interviewed more than 6100 people who had already given information about their situation during the pandemic in april and june.

According to the study, the actual number of hours worked per week for men in return for pay has returned to the pre-crisis level of 38 hours, with the exception of two hours. For the women, the difference was 32 hours, three hours more than before. If there are children in the household who need looking after, the men now work 39 hours instead of 41, while the women now spend 28 hours on the job instead of 31. Hardly any differences can be seen in short-time work at first. Dpa


Private citizens defy the corona crisis with christmas houses

private citizens defy the corona crisis with christmas houses

Corona notwithstanding, in many places throughout germany the so-called christmas houses are shining again this year.

Whether delmenhorst in the north, balzhausen in the south, oberhausen in the west or merseburg in the east – there and in many other places, private individuals have decorated their homes and gardens and switched on tens of thousands of lights even before the first advent on this sunday.

"It is a certain hobby. We don’t have any children ourselves and we do this for the public," says josef glogger from balzhausen in bavaria. 35.000 to 40.000 leds light up his house, garden and a nativity scene set up there. Glogger’s approach is still comparatively simple, he relies on contemplative female: "rather a uniform color. I don’t think the bright colors are appropriate for christmas, at least not in our neighborhood," he says.


600-Million rescue package for lufthansa subsidiary aua

600-million rescue package for lufthansa subsidiary aua

Austrian airlines (AUA), a subsidiary of lufthansa, is to survive the corona crisis with support of 600 million euros. Half of this is accounted for by state-guaranteed bank loans, said federal chancellor sebastian kurz (ovp) in vienna.

150 million AUA receives from the republic as fresh equity capital. 150 million euros in loans from parent company lufthansa. In return, austria will receive a ten-year location guarantee for AUA. This is good news for austria as a location in general, he said briefly. Many among the 7000 AUA employees could breathe a sigh of relief. "This agreement will mean that the mass of these jobs can be maintained," says the head of government.

The government attached particular importance to lufthansa’s promise that the site should grow at the same rate as the sites in munich and frankfurt, according to a short. AUA, like lufthansa, had been placed in an extremely threatening situation by the corona crisis. Some time ago, switzerland had already approved state aid worth billions for the lufthansa subsidiary swiss and edelweiss. State aid also sought for brussels airlines.


Fubball continues on ard/zdf – sky/dazn buy live rights

Fubball continues on ard/zdf - sky/dazn buy live rights

200 live games on sky, 106 games on DAZN, and highlights on "sportschau" and "aktuelles sportstudio": this is what the fubball bundesliga will look like on TV from the 2021/2022 season onwards. This is what the deutsche presse-agentur learned from negotiating circles.

The broadcasters and the german soccer league did not want to say anything about it on sunday. The sale of media rights until the 2024/2025 season will be officially confirmed on the monday after the DFL members’ meeting.

The football fans will have to change very little after the next season. Above all, the free-to-air TV classics "sportschau" on ARD and "aktuelles sportstudio" on ZDF will be retained and allowed to show summaries on saturdays as before. According to dpa, the public broadcasters have secured the corresponding rights packages.


Further criticism of artist’s claim in corona crisis

Further criticism of artist's claim in corona crisis

The criticism of the demand of artists in the corona crisis, considered insufficient, does not rub off. For former federal interior minister gerhart baum (FDP), it is flawed. Two artists’ initiatives addressed the federal government and lander in open letters.

"There is no comprehensive demand for the arts in the crisis," baum, who is also chairman of the cultural council in north rhine-westphalia, told dpa in berlin in a statement. "This in no way corresponds to the meaning of art in a free society, especially now in the crisis."

Baum accused state minister of culture monika grutters (CDU) of failing to respond to nationwide protests from the arts community. "Why doesn’t mrs. Grutters do anything to "readjust" here"??", asked baum. Grutters misses a gross opportunity to help culture. Art and culture are systemically relevant in their own way. "Art is not an industry like any other. Their "product" is unique. It is protected in a special way by the basic law."Furthermore, from baum’s point of view, federal cultural policy does nothing "to trim the arts through a temporary federal emergency aid fund now and in the transition to more normal times".


Brose supports awo network

Already for the fifth time brose supports the awo mehr generationen haus in coburg with a donation of 20000 euro. The amount is intended for the further development of the intergenerational work of the social institution.

Steffen tauss, head of social and health services at the brose group, learned about new and already successfully launched projects at the annual advisory board meeting of the awo’s mehr generationen haus, which could be financed thanks to the request by the automotive supplier.

One of these exciting concepts is the neighborhood network. In addition to monthly meetings to get to know each other and exchange ideas, it offers mutual assistance in everyday life. For example, a schoolboy explains the internet to his elderly neighbor, who in turn accepts packages for him.


Johanna buchs: comeback in a class of its own

Johanna buchs: comeback in a class of its own

At midsummer temperatures the local track and field athletes once again convinced at the lower franconian championships. Hanna schmitt won three titles in marktheidenfeld in the U18 female youth category, while niklas amthor from TSV bad kissingen in the M15 and elisa eich from TV/DJK hammelburg in the U18 category were each successful twice. District pennants for their victories in the active category were also awarded to johanna buchs from TV/DJK hammelburg and thomas wollein in the M15 from TV bad bruckenau.

A big praise goes to the newly founded LG main-spessart, which had to do a lot of extra work due to the corona rules and organized this first rough athletics meeting on district level in an excellent way. Paul fella from hammelburg, who in addition to his function as district chairman for the rhon/saale district is also active as a competitor in the district, also praised the organizers: "these were extremely atmospheric championships. In the package it went great."

A rhythm problem

After a few years break johann buchs from TV/DJK hammelburg made an impressive comeback on the tartan track. The diebacherin, since three months in training, showed her class over the 100 meter hurdles. At least over the first eight of ten, of the 83.38 centimeter high hurdles. "Then i installed one more step without any need and lost the rhythm", she says after the run, in which she won the lower franconia ranking in a good 15.85 seconds. Also in the long jump, which was not a championship competition, she delighted with a good 5.19 meters and first place.