“We are not second-class burgers!”

In the east of bamberg on friday was already the 1. April. Why, explained heinz jung, district chairman of the bamberg nature conservation association at a rally in front of the plarrergelande, which was attended by about 150 demonstrators in the form of a star march.

"The city council worries about larm protection in the city center at maxplatz. The same city councilor is not interested in an increase of air traffic, even at night time. This can only be an april joke! Or are we people in the east only second-class burgers??", raged young. This will not be tolerated for long.

Although they had already said "yes" to the to the millions in gifts for brose, even though schools don’t have enough money to buy a bucket of paint. One has also "yes" said to a work shift. According to jung, no new jobs will be created, but merely relocated from coburg to bamberg. The burgers in the east also said "yes said to the expansion of the airfield. "But that is over now. We say ‘no’ in the future and demand a ban on night flights without restrictions, a limit on the frequency of flights and the designation of the airfield as a nature reserve."


Bischberg puts money into canal

Money the council took in hand at its youngest meeting. This year, the leithe local road is to be completed with the renewal of all sewer and water pipes and the road itself. 424,705 euros have been budgeted for sewer and water works, and 350,668 euros for road works.

More formal character had the confirmation of the commandant and his deputy of the voluntary fire department bischberg. Martin raab was elected as commander, andreas then as his deputy, and unanimously confirmed by the council.

A million euro project

The new construction of the regnitzbrucke on the B 26 federal highway near bischberg is a matter of concern for the bischberg town council. According to the planning approval decision of the government of upper franconia, the total cost of the canal will be almost twelve million euros. The road construction project includes the demolition of the bridge and its replacement to the east of the existing bridge, as well as the alteration of the intersection between the B 26 and the BA 36 district road by creating a traffic circle and the southern relocation of the local connection road between bischberg and gaustadt. Since the crossing points of the roads change in the course of this reduction, the road construction burden also changes, according to johann burgermeister. This was then transferred to the municipality of bischberg on a long of up to 180 meters. In addition, a considerable traffic jam is to be expected during peak traffic hours with the planning of the traffic circle. The bischberg community council therefore unanimously decided to take legal action before the bavarian administrative court because of the negative effects of the new regnitzbrucke bridge.


Coburg state theater wants to calculate more honestly

Fritz fromming said that the state theater already receives a lot of money from the city for its day-to-day operations. As a commercial director, he did not want to ask for more just before the end of the year. But he had to do that last year and again this year. The reason: the budget provides for 5.5 million euros in revenue from the state of bavaria and 400,000 euros from the district. However, only 5.3 million euros were granted by the state and 200,000 euros by the district of upper franconia.
This has been going on for years, and fromming now wants to put an end to it, as he assured the city council on thursday. In 2018, he will plan with the subsidies as they have been maintained for years. Because the landestheater plans and concludes contracts on the basis of the approved budget. When the grant notices arrive this year, fromming will be short 400,000 euros, which he will not be able to make up with his own savings and additional income. Fromming used some figures to show how hard the theater is working: subscriptions alone generated additional revenue of 24,600 euros, and guest performances at other theaters generated 85,000 euros more than planned. The theater is also trying to find sponsors for certain productions, such as this year’s "parsifal".
In december, fromming wants to show the financial senate how high the shortfall actually is. Only then will it be decided whether the city will plug the financial gap.
In this context, fromming also announced a moderate increase in ticket prices. In addition, attempts are being made to persuade the state to provide a higher subsidy. According to the state treaty, the state must take over 40 percent of the deficit, which remains after a fixed subsidy, still defined in gold marks. In practice, the state now pays 40 percent of the operating costs and voluntarily adds something on top. But this voluntary contribution has fallen by around one million euros over the past ten years. Coburg should now "praise" this to the cultural committee of the state parliament, said fromming.


Google award for “airwriting glove

Professor tanja schultz and graduate computer scientist christoph amma have developed a kind of glove that can recognize what is being written by the movements of the wrist. This could soon make typing on the virtual mini keyboards of cell phones a thing of the past, the karlsruhe institute of technology (KIT) announced on thursday.

"The airwriting glove allows you to write in the air as if on an invisible blackboard," explained amma. Acceleration and rotation sensors then translated these movements into writing. For this purpose, characteristic signal progressions for each letter are deposited. "The system currently has an error rate of eleven percent. If we adapt the system to the individual writing style of its user, it drops to only three percent."

With the money from the "google faculty research award," the scientists want to refine the process and make it more comfortable to wear. "One conceivable option would be to integrate it into an unobtrusive wristband, for example," said amma. The system can also be integrated directly into smartphones, which then virtually become a writing pen themselves.


Clear signals for more togetherness

Clear signals for more togetherness

In the future, they want to talk less about each other and more with each other – the spokesmen for city marketing and the alarm-ridden residents of the city center. Namely city manager klaus stieringer and gisela schlenker from the burgerverein bamberg-mitte expressed this at the end of a panel discussion on wednesday evening, which once again dealt with the currently hotly debated question of how many rough events the city center and the people living there can take.

"Nobody liked a dead city center", gisela schlenker assured, but wished for more willingness to talk and compromise from the organizers of coarse events.

She appealed for understanding, if the nerves of some burgers were on edge in the meantime: the events were only the tip of the iceberg. If you live in the middle of bamberg, you have to reckon with noise, dirt and vandalism 365 days a year.


Theater association “ollmaleddich miemez” earns stormy applause for comedies

theater association 'ollmaleddich miemez' earns stormy applause for comedies

The theater club "ollmaleddich miemez" offered an entertaining evening last saturday in the hall of the hotel-gasthof "wasserschlob with his successful presentation of the comedy "money alone makes you happy" by wolfgang binder.
Theater in skillful manner, expressive and with rough play zeal, so presented themselves once again the famous actors of the mitwitzer theater club. How the actors fill the roles with life is simply grandiose.
The somewhat dusty-looking civil servant heribert scholz, sympathetically and wonderfully wittily portrayed by klaus bruckner, is about to get married. Unfortunately, he does not recognize the true nature of his fiancee judith, who is only after his million dollar winnings. His neighbor rebecca kramer is a saucy person and is played with temperament and precision in every detail by andrea braunersreuther.

"Likeable lady"

Helpful and hands-on as she is, she helps him to clean up his apartment. However, she suffers a small mishap, which earns her a wet pair of pants. It comes as it must. She takes off her wet pants and judith catches her fiance two days before the wedding with a half-naked woman in his apartment. Judith francke, the money-grubbing, likeable lady, portrayed in an absolutely convincing and multifaceted way by sabine muller, is of course not amused. To make matters worse, fred bayerswald, rebecca’s boyfriend, a redneck like in the book and very amusing and skilfully exaggerated by herbert thurn, enters the apartment with a vengeance. Judith finds this chav disgusting, until the time he tells her a secret.
This conversation is overheard by rebecca. Together with rebecca’s mother margot, played with verve by jutta kinninger, a plan is forged …
The performances are directed by petra thurn and directed by claudia schwammlein.