Coburg state theater wants to calculate more honestly

Fritz fromming said that the state theater already receives a lot of money from the city for its day-to-day operations. As a commercial director, he did not want to ask for more just before the end of the year. But he had to do that last year and again this year. The reason: the budget provides for 5.5 million euros in revenue from the state of bavaria and 400,000 euros from the district. However, only 5.3 million euros were granted by the state and 200,000 euros by the district of upper franconia.
This has been going on for years, and fromming now wants to put an end to it, as he assured the city council on thursday. In 2018, he will plan with the subsidies as they have been maintained for years. Because the landestheater plans and concludes contracts on the basis of the approved budget. When the grant notices arrive this year, fromming will be short 400,000 euros, which he will not be able to make up with his own savings and additional income. Fromming used some figures to show how hard the theater is working: subscriptions alone generated additional revenue of 24,600 euros, and guest performances at other theaters generated 85,000 euros more than planned. The theater is also trying to find sponsors for certain productions, such as this year’s "parsifal".
In december, fromming wants to show the financial senate how high the shortfall actually is. Only then will it be decided whether the city will plug the financial gap.
In this context, fromming also announced a moderate increase in ticket prices. In addition, attempts are being made to persuade the state to provide a higher subsidy. According to the state treaty, the state must take over 40 percent of the deficit, which remains after a fixed subsidy, still defined in gold marks. In practice, the state now pays 40 percent of the operating costs and voluntarily adds something on top. But this voluntary contribution has fallen by around one million euros over the past ten years. Coburg should now "praise" this to the cultural committee of the state parliament, said fromming.

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