Daniel craig: “i am not grumpy”

Daniel craig: 'i am not grumpy'

James bond actor daniel craig (51) says he is not a public figure. "I probably don’t have a very good public persona," he revealed in an interview with the newspaper "sunday times.

"Some people can go on talk shows and tell stories, but i just don’t have that ability. I do not know what to say." Many people were therefore mistaken to think of him as grumpy, he said. "But i am not grumpy. Really not."

Craig also revealed that he doesn’t believe in social media. They made no sense from his point of view. "Who I am personally? That doesn’t matter to anyone," he made clear, "but it does to the people in my life."The british actor, who is married to colleague rachel weisz, prefers to keep his private life to himself. "I simply became coarse in a time when, as an artist, you didn’t look for confirmation. One didn’t go after "likes" he was looking for something, but simply did his thing."

Starting in january, craig can be seen as a detective in the star-studded crime thriller "knives out – murder is a family affair" in theaters. In april, the new 007 thriller "no time to die" will be released. "We’re trying to make the best damn bond movie," craig promised before what will probably be his last stint as a secret agent – and signaled that he’s aiming for other roles as well. "I have been playing james bond for 15 years. And people say: "oh, that’s the guy"." But i am not the type. I am many people."

Nevertheless, he is still passionately 007. "Maybe this is hard to believe, but i love being bond," gushed craig. "It has been one of the most intense, and most fulfilling things i have ever done. But it takes a lot of energy, and i’m getting old."

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