Diversity is the trump card

Diversity is the trump card

The new spa director sylvie thormann was allowed to beam at the reception after the final concert. Like the mayor of the castle, kay blankenburg, she was able to draw an extremely positive conclusion to the winter magic. Sylvie thormann has been able to experience a lot since she took up her post, and pretty much everything that the staatsbad gmbh has set out to do has been successfully initiated or, as now with the winter magic, brought to a good end, she said.

Her heartfelt thanks went to the employees who support her greatly, but also the cooperation with the city, police, fire department and the sponsors was a guarantee for success. For the winter magic she thanked especially the "multi-purpose weapon" bruno heynen, who heads the events department. "His creativity is needed everywhere", so thormann.

Heynen then drew a positive conclusion to the 20. Winter magic "developing in the right direction". The great variety is the trump card: "we try to offer what the guests want to hear and see".

The winter magic started brilliantly and ended just as brilliantly. Eight of the 20 events had been sold out. 9500 tickets were sold, which is 500 more than last year, he reports. Heynen is pleased about the support of the bad kissingen savings bank for the next three years and reports about promising talks on further marketing with the kissinger verlagsgesellschaft and the "infranken" portal. "To inspire the spectators to standing ovations, that should continue to be our goal", promised sylvie thormann.

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