Durre and heat: goring-eckardt demands action plan from the federal government

Durre and heat: goring-eckardt demands action plan from the federal government

At next tuesday’s meeting of the federal and state governments on the durre damage, the government must present an action plan, she told the deutsche presse-agentur. The agreement must stipulate that germany will phase out factory farming in the next 20 years, that soil in agricultural regions must be better protected and that the federal government must invest more money in research into robust plants.

"The more radical the crisis becomes, the more radical the answers must be," said goring-eckardt. "Who still ignores the climate crisis in view of the europe-wide heat wave, acts at least negligently."Industrial agriculture is partly responsible for the climate crisis and its global consequences, such as droughts, storms and floods. "It is scandalous that the minister of agriculture and the farmers’ association still believe that agriculture in germany should be exempt from a progressive climate policy," criticized the parliamentary group leader.

Forest fires lead to a vicious circle, because less forest exacerbates the climate crisis, which in turn increases the risk of forest fires. "This vicious circle must be broken," demanded goring-eckardt. For this, there is an acute need for effective forest fire prevention with sufficient specialists, well-equipped task forces and more natural forests, since pure coniferous forests are at high risk of fire.

She also called for a humus-building program for soil protection in agriculture. Many growing regions had to contend with drought in the coming years, and cultivation methods had to be adapted to the situation. Goring-eckardt also believes it is necessary to breed resistant plants: "some varieties can withstand the climate crisis and drought stress better than others ? And because they are more robust, they also need fewer pesticides."

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