“Exemplary and courageous”

They had helped to identify a perpetrator who had destroyed sacred objects or stolen them from churches in several cases in bamberg, thus making a significant contribution to the rapid clearing of a series of crimes: bernhard wohlleber and arthur konstanz have now received a reward and a letter of thanks from the head of the bamberg-city police department, police director thomas schreiber, and police superintendent jens fischer for their courageous interventions.

Photographed the perpetrator

Wohlleber had observed the offender spitting at and kicking a crucifix. He approached the man, whereupon he was also insulted by him. Wohlleber subsequently photographed the offender and reported the incident to the police.
The suspect had offered two stolen crosses of jesus for sale to the antiquities dealer in constance. Constance accepted the crosses, but liked to be shown the suspect’s identity card and noted the personal details. He then handed both over to the police.
Wohlleben and constance played such an important role, schreiber and fischer said, that the suspected perpetrator was identified and arrested. The behavior of the two was exemplary and courageous.

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