Four kilometers of action: children love such trails

Four kilometers of action: children love such trails

A hike with children must not be too long – and above all not boring! The stone adventure trail on the zeilberg near maroldsweisach (habberge district) was laid out around the basalt quarry as a four-kilometer circular walk. But you should plan several hours for it. Because it is not boring here: varied paths, exciting views and everywhere something to discover, to observe, to try out, to feel and to hear. At the nine play stations, hikers learn a lot about nature, technology and the history of the quarry.

Basalt mining in the quarry

In 1895, the first bavarian basaltstein AG started to mine basalt on the zeilberg. At the beginning of the 20. At the beginning of the 20th century, up to 250 people were working in the open pit – even children were doing hard labor. Today, around 20 people are employed in the quarry, with heavy machinery doing the hard work. Those who hike here on weekdays can experience it live – and on some days even a blasting operation. Information about this and about the special blasting signals is available on information boards. They give an insight into the history of basalt mining and today’s work.

The zeilberg and nature

The stone landscape is reminiscent of a lunar crater, but it is constantly changing due to economic use: no two stones are the same. Although it may seem inhospitable at first, the zeilberg offers a refuge for numerous, sometimes rare, animal and plant species. Various forms of hawkweed, reptiles, butterflies, insects – and those on whose menu they are: bats and birds – can be discovered. The children learn that woodpeckers especially like to eat ants, and they examine the coarse anthill right away with a magnifying glass.

Mountain views

The zeilberg is one of the few still recognizable volcanoes of the so-called heldburger gangschar and the highest point of the surroundings. The view reaches as far as the rhon, french switzerland and over the coburg country to the thuringian forest – especially already at the station "zeilbergkino" and at the shelter near the "technical station". The mountain is a good 460 meters above sea level, in the interior it is partly only 370 meters – impressive is not only the distant view to auben, but also the view inwards, into the quarry crater.

Here you can find the detailed article about our volcano hike with many photos, an interactive map and the GPX-track.

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