Golden shines the new cross over pinzberg

Golden shines the new cross over pinzberg

The renovation of the branch church of hl. Trinity in gosberg is slowly but surely coming to an end. A rough step on this way has now been to put up the gilded cross on the church spire.

Many gosbergers showed gross interest in this event. Pastor michael gehret had prepared a document cartouche in advance, which found its place below the cross in the tower sphere. It will give later generations an idea of the history of gosberg.

Document from the year 1904
On the church forecourt, pastor gehret and markus galster from the church administration laid out all utensils in a clearly visible manner. He also lost a few words to the individual objects before they came into the cartouche.

First of all, an original document from the year of the construction of the church tower in 1904, when pius X was the founder of the church, paid for this. In rome reigned, king otto I. In bavaria had the say and gosberg was still an own municipality. Pastor in pinzberg that year was adam hubner. Altburg mayor hans schuster, who still knows the old script, read out the wording.

The document from 1973, when the last but one renovation took place, was also brought to the church.
Schuster was mayor at the time and had also donated for the renovation himself. Father gehret finally read the current scripture written by him, which records the current state of the story.

The FT comes into the cartouche
He put the gospel of the day from 12. August 2013, a complete set of munitions and a weather cross. A current church newspaper as well as the frankischer tag were also placed in the time capsule.

Meanwhile, the architect in charge, burkhardt niepelt, looked with satisfaction at the still rusty house of worship. Renovation of the building began two years ago. To the 950. The first phase of construction was completed last year for the parish's jubilee. This phase included the renovation of the interior and the sacristy. The church was also given a new coat of paint.

Only later did the gosbergers discover that the roof and the tower were seriously lacking in iron. "The bricks looked very good inside, but were "delivered" almost to zero outside, niepelt said. In july 2013, the company seubert from oberhaid completely rusted in the house of worship for the second construction phase.

Then came the hour of the company pauli from walsdorf. With up to six men they set to work on the renovation of the roof. The work took around four weeks to complete.
On 12. In august the carefully restored tower cross was ready. When lifted, the cross lingered for a moment on the first level of the scaffolding. Pastor gehret opened the cross screen so that the cross was visible to the attendees and blessed it.

Then the cross found its way up to the top of the tower, where employees of the pauli company carefully anchored it in place. Klaus pauli, owner of the company of the same name, took a last look at the cross.

The people of gosberg have nothing but praise for the work of the companies involved. This time there was no talk of the steadily declining work ethic that the then pastor franz fiedler had lamented in the 1973 document on the progress of the work, quite the opposite in fact.

Closed until 23. August
The gosbergers also liked niepelt's forecast that the planned costs of 80,000 euros for the last construction phase could be significantly undercut.

The partial closure of traffic is expected to last until 23. August approved, said klaus pauli still in lofty heights, there where the cross is visible from afar to pinzberg, forchheim, the wiesent valley and walberla.

All remaining work should be completed by then. This is also good news for the people of gosberg who are plagued by through traffic.

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