“I could freak out on topmodel”

Andreas pfeiffer laughs sheepishly. "Even closer?! Closer than touching is impossible!", he shouts. "Yes, we can, answers photographer christina stocker. "Stand belly to belly", she orders and pushes andreas pfeiffer a bit towards alina breit. "When my friend sees that!", calls the. "Thank god I don't have a girlfriend anymore", says andreas. "Tell your friend to call me, I'll talk to him", says christina stocker.

She is taking pictures of the two winners of "herzocity is looking for the herzomodels", alina breit and andreas pfeiffer. Both completely in female, as ruthild schrepfer from the forder- und werbegemeinschaft herzogenaurach put it. But not until they were already there – the colorful shirts that the 16-year-old brought with him could be left in his backpack. Instead, he now wears a female polo shirt – and feels uncomfortable: "I only have three T-shirts and a whole closet full of shirts. They simply look better."

But he takes it calmly, just like the fact that it didn't really work out with his hairstyle either – for which he was sent to the hairdresser's especially. "Normally I have much more side partings." Nevertheless, he left after ten minutes.

Alina needs three quarters of an hour. She doesn't like her hair at all "but elena does it well", says the 23-year-old. Her friend elena, who has been working in the hair salon since january, already saw her at the casting on 1 january. April styled – at that time actually only to the spab. "It was open house day and she said, "come on by, i'll give you a cool haircut." And at the end it came out: it's a shooting", tells alina.

Herzomodel comes from furth

again today she came all the way from furth, her brother brought her here. A furtherin as a heart model? Organizer ruthild schrepfer laughs. "We are not so narrow-minded that we only take people who come from herzogenaurach!" Besides, the facebook users had decided "and they'd already picked the right ones".

After all, andreas comes from herzogenaurach, goes to a secondary school. "Most of my friends thought it was awesome that I won", he says. Because he didn't apply specifically – but was persuaded by his buddy. "The night before we were at a party, actually i looked like shit."

And actually he is not interested in modeling at all. "I could freak out at topmodel!" He has never been able to do anything with his friends on top model evenings, because they always wanted to see how the models were pissing each other off. "I preferred to study in the meantime, which was at least time well spent."

Alina breit doesn't really feel like modeling either. "I'm much too small for that, she says, but that doesn't matter in this case, because andreas pfeiffer isn't much rougher either. Not even as a child did she have this dream – she wanted to be a kindergarten teacher.

The fact that the modeling experience in her family is limited can also be seen in her brother's case. When the shooting is over after ten minutes and ruthild schrepfer explains to the two of them when they will meet on 29. June to the night shopping styling, he says in amazement: "how, so long styling and that's it already?!" Yes, that's the way it is with such photo shoots, ruthild schrepfer tells him. He lets his shoulders droop. "Oh dear", he says, and as he turns to his sister, "i'll have to drive you back, too?"

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