If that is not the ultracrass megahammer

If that is not the ultracrass megahammer

Fashion was more or less chic – and the latest tv show exciting. Adjectives and adverbs that have long been "out" today are.

The advertising has then relatively quickly the "super" introduced, the "cool followed – and at some point the "horny, which, however, soon became insufficient in its depth of meaning and was replaced with "super", "absolutely" or, if necessary, "mega-monkey" was upgraded, so to speak.

But because not only advertising tries to surpass itself at ever shorter intervals, but also we are inclined to describe yesterday’s concert, last week’s vacation trip or the latest fashionable piece of furniture in our surroundings in the most dazzling colors, at some point even these superlatives were no longer enough.

Words like "ultra or "crass appeared in sentences in order to give assessments an even more rapid appearance of being out of the question. That "super", borrowed from latin, simply "uber heibt "cool", taken from the english, actually fur "kuhl" or "cold and the popular word "awesome" was used to describe it the menu had (once) a completely different meaning, few people seem to be aware of it, but at least they were not stubborn about it.

The not quite new, but in recent times more often heard expression is "hammer, sometimes apparently increased by the word "mega". In fact, I can only think back wistfully to the days of my youth, when "very much" was had also sufficed. Back then, we simply had a super cool ultra crass megahammer linguistic vocabulary!

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