In the end, there were still tranes

In the end, there were still tranes

"Although it is already to have the graduation, I will miss the school", said a schoolgirl at the graduation ball of the middle school in herzogenaurach. The school bid farewell to a total of 64 students who had left the school with "quali" with a festive ceremony or middle school graduation. After the service in the evangelical church for the graduates, which was conducted by vicar madalina sundh and pastoral advisor thomas matzick, the ceremony took place not as usual in the auditorium, but for the first time in a new format in the clubhouse.

In addition, all graduating students took dance classes at school. A teacher from the middle school taught them the most important basic steps. So all of them could try out their first official dance steps in front of an assembled audience in a festive outfit.

In addition to the dance rounds, there were official program points, such as honoring the best of both examinations. The students aitsa machmoutlar moustafa (grade point average 2.1), veronika papageorgiou (2.2) and inna genova (2.3) took the first three places in the qualifying secondary school examination. The following students were honored for their performance in the intermediate exam: emely gehr (1.56), daniela zollfrank (1.56) and ayat hasan (1.78). The honorees received vouchers from the principal helmut nicklas as well as prizes from mayor german hacker (SPD). In addition, larissa seiler and daliah rusch were honored as SMV and school representatives for their commitment to the school.

In his remarks, principal nicklas once again made it clear that the two had made a significant contribution to the school’s great performance in the district-wide SMV competition.

In his speech, hacker spoke about the importance of the secondary school for the city and the fact that the school is always actively supported. He also mentioned that the containers at the school will be replaced by a new building and that the lunchtime supervision will be expanded.

The principal also expressed many wishes to the graduates, who will now go on to pursue a wide variety of different paths. Many of them will go on to vocational training, to the M10 class, to vocational colleges, but also to technical high schools and grammar schools. Fittingly, nicklas concluded: "whoever thinks it’s over now, I’ll have to let him down. Now it really starts for you.".

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