Indian nok bruskens ioc after olympic ban

indian nok bruskens ioc after olympic ban

With this, india’s top sports organization brushed off the IOC, which had banned the election and previously declared it null and void.

The only candidate was lalit bhanot, who was jailed for eleven months on corruption charges in connection with the 2010 commonwealth games in new delhi. He is currently out on bail. In the absence of other contenders, bhanot’s choice was considered safe. There was no official declaration of an election result at first. At the same time, acting president vijay kumar malhotra stressed that the IOA was not seeking a dispute with the IOC. "We will approach the IOC first to explain the situation and work towards a resolution of this matter," he said.

Malhotra justified the vote by saying that legal requirements had to be followed. The supreme court in new delhi had ordered the IOA to cancel the elections, which had originally been scheduled for the 25th of december. November, in accordance with government statutes. "We cannot violate the law of the land," said malhotra, expressing optimism: "we are hopeful that this suspension will be lifted soon." The IOC executive had excluded the IOA on tuesday in lausanne with immediate effect because of massive interference of politics in the sport.

Many indian media and athletes buried the IOC’s maback as the right move against widespread corruption in sports administration. The "hindustan times" rated the verdict as the hoped-for new beginning and spoke of a "golden day for indian sport". The government missed the chance to rebuild after the commonwealth games, which were overshadowed by massive corruption. "Had they acted at that time, we were not internationally so slapped now." The sport protector and gold medalist of 2008, abhinav bindra, tweeted: "tschuss, IOA, I hope to see you again soon, hopefully cleaner."

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