Montessori students present their “rough work” in thurn castle

Montessori students present their

Before the 22 students of the ninth grade of the private montessori school forchheim take the exams for the qualifying high school diploma next spring, they have already completed an important hurdle for the finale of their school career: they presented their "rough work" in the romance hall of thurn castle in front of over 200 guests.
In the "rough work the montessori students can bring in the variety of their competences: handicraft work, scientific research, text creation, design of an exhibition table and at the end a power-point-presentation as a presentation of their work.
The "rough work is the montessori-specific part of the school diploma and consists of a practical part, in which a workpiece or similar is created, and a theoretical part with an average of 30 pages. The students have six months to work out their topic in theory and practice.
A jury evaluates the results. The jurors were montessori business manager sibylle kellner, the school principals birgit burczyk-wening and anja wenkemann, the head of class anja bezold, the retired school councilor rosemarie thiele, and hans rosemann, retired head of works.
The topics and the mentors, who accompany them professionally, were chosen by the students themselves. Most of the topics are strongly influenced by the personalities of the young people and they work on them with corresponding enthusiasm. Often hobbies are included in the choice of topic, such as the conception of a dance choreography or the illustration of a self-designed children's book, the organization of a rough handball tournament or the conception of a tennis training session. Or students create something practical like writing and setting to music a horn play, building a bird aviary or programming a computer game or website.

Complex topics

The professionalism with which the young people, who are on average 15 years old, approach their topic and the self-confidence with which they present it to the public, show that the young people are familiar with the "rough work" have grown and demonstrated the ability to work on a complex topic in a concentrated and well-founded manner over a long period of time. In the last few years, some of them have also been able to make a living from their "rough work" alone so convinced he got an apprenticeship on the first try.

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