Musical journey with the accordion

A musically active weekend lies behind the members of the kitzingen accordion group: first, the musicians visited the residents and guests at the old people’s home witt "kitzinger land" and took them on a musical trip around the world, according to a press release. Home staff member gundrun john rejoiced with the listeners that it was possible to visit almost every continent within a very short period of time.

First it went to england (alla hornpipe), to mozart in austria (kleine nachtmusik), central and south america (cha-cah-medley), to the roots of the gospel in africa (he’s got the whole world) and back to europe (greek wine and irish blessings). In order to arrive back in france, the "francophone national anthem" was not to be missed: "well, the air is fresh," it rang out in many voices as they left the house.

After a day of rest, the accordion group of kitzingen entertained the guests on the schwanberg after the sunday guided tour of the castle park. But because of the uncertain weather conditions this time in the st-michaels-church. But this turned out to be a wonderful experience for everyone from a sonic point of view. The accordion sounds were able to unfold well in the quiet church space: sometimes quietly contemplative, sometimes lively and groovy.

We will continue our journey together with pastor uwe bernd ahrens and the accordion group on wednesday, 29th of march.5.19 at the "5nach5-andacht" on the kitzingen garden show grounds . In uncertain weather conditions in the cross chapel.

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