Obama rolls out heavy protection against romney

Obama rolls out heavy protection against romney

"The more americans see of mitt romney, the less they like him and the less they trust him," it rapped in an email sent out by obama’s campaign team on tuesday night after republican ex-senator rick santorum surrendered. Romney, a multimillionaire, now has the best chance of being nominated by his party as a challenger in the november election.

The obama camp accused romney of trying to buy the presidency by spending millions on negative campaign ads. Romney and groups alongside him had relentlessly and successfully attacked opponents with expensive negative ads during the primary campaign.

In an appearance at palm beach gardens (florida), obama explained that the race was a clash of two completely different political "visions". In the election, there was the biggest contrast between the candidates in five decades, he said, without directly mentioning romney by name. He stands for a socially just society in which "everybody gets a fair shake," obama said. If, on the other hand, the republicans had their way, "fewer and fewer people would be doing very, very well – but more and more would be struggling to survive. According to recent polls, obama has been able to extend his lead over romney.

Romney, a republican, again harshly criticized the president for an economic policy he calls a failure because it has not brought down unemployment in a sustainable way. It was important to "put the mistakes of the last three years behind us and put america back on the path to growth," they said in a statement. Obama has killed the economy with regulations, anti-business taxes and high national debt.

Obama used his trip to florida on tuesday primarily to promote his tax plan, which would set a minimum rate of 30 percent for millionaire earners. This rule, named after multibillionaire warren buffet, should lead to more tax fairness. Currently, many coarse-income earners drove off a significantly lower percentage than middle-class families. Buffet criticized having to pay a lower rate than, say, his secretary because of favors on investment contracts, among other things.

The starting signal for the duel obama against romney was given by santorum at a press conference in gettysburg (pennsylvania). "This race is over for me," the 53-year-old said. Romney’s nomination at the republican convention in august is thus actually secure. The remaining contenders, ron paul and newt gingrich, have little chance of being nominated by the republicans due to weak election results.

Ultraconservative ex-senator santorum had become romney’s only persistent opponent in the three months since the primaries began. In the end, however, it had fallen further and further behind. Romney leads the field of contenders with 625 of the 1144 delegates needed for the decisive convention. Santorum did not even get to the half of the delegates.

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