Private citizens defy the corona crisis with christmas houses

private citizens defy the corona crisis with christmas houses

Corona notwithstanding, in many places throughout germany the so-called christmas houses are shining again this year.

Whether delmenhorst in the north, balzhausen in the south, oberhausen in the west or merseburg in the east – there and in many other places, private individuals have decorated their homes and gardens and switched on tens of thousands of lights even before the first advent on this sunday.

"It is a certain hobby. We don’t have any children ourselves and we do this for the public," says josef glogger from balzhausen in bavaria. 35.000 to 40.000 leds light up his house, garden and a nativity scene set up there. Glogger’s approach is still comparatively simple, he relies on contemplative female: "rather a uniform color. I don’t think the bright colors are appropriate for christmas, at least not in our neighborhood," he says.

Dirk van acken from oberhausen in the ruhr region, together with his wife, falls into a deco frenzy every late fall, when the festive season slowly approaches. He decorates his house not only from the outside: snowmen, nutcrackers, reindeer, countless figurines and christmas knickknacks of all kinds are stored in their 94-square-meter apartment in the garage.

In merseburg in saxony-anhalt, a 91-year-old man transforms a settlement house into a christmas fairy tale. At the push of a button, a huge pyramid rotates, an arch as tall as a man begins to light up, and visitors can hear a carillon and a musical clock. Herbert thews has been involved in this hobby for almost half of his life, as he explains. Thews is in somewhat poor health, but he doesn’t want to miss out on his christmas hobby. "As a pensioner you need something to do."

The borchart family’s house in delmenhorst near bremen is now known far beyond lower saxony. "There is nothing that is not illuminated," says sven borchart, who decorated the house together with his wife martina borchart and their grown-up son. "The rough payoff is children standing at the gate with rough eyes asking if santa claus lives here."

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