Samuel koch answers questions from bamberger high school students

Samuel koch answers questions from bamberger high school students

A rush. A crackling sound. The loudspeakers were acting up during the first few minutes of samuel koch’s reading on monday evening. Coincidence? The loudspeaker boxes are located directly in the bookshelves of the university bookstore "gorres. Between "divine – damned and "I will protect you. And once again the question: coincidence? "I don’t think there are any accidents", assures samuel koch.

Samuel koch does not really need to be introduced. You can read in his eyes that this suits him least of all, as he is welcomed as an honorary guest. He rolls his eyes, bites his lip. When he has to hear that he is a role model for many people of all ages, he is overwhelmed – maybe even a little annoyed. Again and again, the young man makes it clear that he does not find himself admirable, that he has not been listened to. But: the bambergers see it differently.

In shirt and tie, jeans and sweater, concert reading or podium discussion – not only on monday in bamberg – the acting student is always sitting on some stage more or less voluntarily. As a morning grouch, he has no easy task ahead of him at ten o’clock: "why don’t you tell us what values mean to you?, he is challenged by matthias soffler, teacher at franz-ludwig-gymnasium. A lecture – samuel koch is not in the mood for it. He prefers to chat a bit with the students. He is ducky. And he was also allowed to be called by his first name. But that doesn’t go over well with the students, who sit there armed with notepad and pencil to ask him intelligent questions.

Which is not so easy. Listening seems to be even more difficult for the 17 to 18 year olds. They ask: where do you get your zest for life from?? Your courage to live. Your energy. The power to live. Truly, it would be presumptuous to claim that there is a more intelligent question. But it’s amazing how samuel koch always answers the same question calmly and with modeled answers.
Again and again he speaks of privilege. A significant, very weighty word. It is a privilege not to be in the accident on "bets that ..?" Accident. And of a plan. Which he – literally – can no longer hold in his hand.

But for samuel koch, it makes more sense, both from a deep inner conviction and from a logical conclusion, to trust in a plan from god than to "go along with it. When – and it is precisely these statements that make this man so authentic – he also struggles with himself, god and his fate. Somewhere between "godly – damned" and "very good" and "i’ll protect you" as a christian, he has found peace of mind for the current state of his life.

All his words are well thought out. And you wish you could get to know this person even better. Actually there were also some questions. But samuel koch has spent more than 14 hours on this day and has already had to answer more than enough questions.

Once again, a day with samuel koch comes to an end. He is patient, good-natured and even-tempered. Never to have taken off. He remembers the faces of people he has met before. A day that makes samuel koch no less impressive as a person. And yet: let this young person look a little more human – he himself wants to stay on the ground, and preferably stand with both feet on the ground again someday.

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