Sand reserve fights its way into the district league

sand reserve fights its way into the district league

A single goal was enough for FC sand II to secure victory against fvgg bayern kitzingen and thus promotion to the bezirksliga unterfranken. Gate protection of the golden gate in brunnau was sands christoph oppelt in 67. Minute.

Fvgg bayern kitzingen – FC sand II 0:1

The opponents made it clear from the start that everything was at stake in this game. Both kitzingen and sand started with full caracho into the game, the result were hard duels, which were however mostly fairly led.

But there was one person who suffered: andre lorzer. After an elbow check, the sander had to leave the field with a bloody nose, but was able to continue playing a little later – fortunately for the sanders. "Andre has made an insanely good game. What the kitzinger on the right aubenbahn busy, is crazy. No wonder he had to get out with calf cramps", said the sander game director andreas zosch.

Fubball or halma?

Referee alexander arnold, who according to zosch "super nervos" had been, whistled off many actions in the first 45 minutes – and thus destroyed the flow of the game. "I have already partly asked myself, whether we play here fubball or halma", said zosch. Due to the many interruptions, it was not surprising that the game went into the dressing rooms without a goal.

After about 65 minutes, the dwindling strength of the kitzinger became noticeable, sand took advantage of this with fresh personnel. "We were able to bring in tobias krines and matthias pencz again two fresh people in the attack, that was crucial", so zosch. Kitzingen could no longer make the decisive moves, christoph oppelt put the difference in performance on the scoreboard with his header to make it 1:0 (67.).

Coach christian michl’s eleven then had several more top chances, but no further goal was scored. It had not needed for the victory, after the final whistle broke all sander damme.

"Of course the boys are jumping around the pitch like crazy in their promotion t-shirts", said zosch. "We have packed these for safety’s sake." On the shirts, the sanders are celebrating their "triple season": victory at the goller cup, first place at the indoor masters in the oberaurauchzentrum and the roughest, promotion to the district league.

Meanwhile, the future district league players went home to the lakeside stadium. "We’re celebrating the promotion at home in the stadium, that’s obvious in this kind of weather", said zosch. "It may be wednesday, but i am sure: some of the guys have registered for vacation tomorrow."

Fvgg bayern kitzingen: noth – scherer, schlarb (46. Strassberger), maab (74. Brandtner), reiner, solick (69. Hofmann), gaubitz, phouthavong, arayici, reuther, reiner / FC sand II: schneider – moser, oppelt, wagner, roder, kurtanovic, mantel (59. Krines), haupt (80. Zeib), O. Gonnert, krug, lorzer (70. Pencz) / ref: alexander arnold / spectators: 567 / goal: 0:1 christoph oppelt (67.)

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