The biz achieves record circulation

The library and information center (biz) in habfurt reports a record year. 2019 was the best year since the library was founded: the most loans, the most trips, the most events.

A great result with a record 191 019 borrowings was achieved at the biz habfurt in 2019. Never before in a year the biz with its houses at the market place and at the durerweg (school center) in habfurt as well as the aubenstellen riedbach and aidhausen was used so much. The franken-onleihe also contributed to this with the offer to download electronically lecture and horbucher from the net.

An increase of 12,827 loans was achieved (7.2 percent), as the bookstore further described. That is almost the average amount of a whole month.

Customers from habfurt and the entire habberge district are reading more and more. The dvds, the horbooks, the consoles and many other offers such as newspapers and magazines with over 100 titles were also very well used. The total height of the books and other media borrowed, assuming only two centimeters per copy, is over 3,800 meters, according to the biz’s calculations.

Notable increase to 3649 active readers and customers, 96 more than the year before. If each customer paid only once, the visits add up to more than 154,000. Over 40 times each reader has thus visited the biz in 2019.

All those involved in the district’s school association and adult education center, as the respective sponsors, were particularly pleased that the environmental education center in oberschleichach had joined the circle of moewe libraries. The ubiz, with its more than 3,000 titles on natural history and environmental protection, is a welcome addition that is also used by the customers of the libraries in the district.

Five kindergartens and nine schools are regular customers of the biz. 112 kindergarten and class tours were realized, and in addition to many readings and children’s events, 38 events for adults were offered.

The bookshop recalls successful exhibitions, poetry slams or readings with peter wohlleben, helmut vorndran and sophie von bechtolsheim. These events were mostly sold out and were attended by more than 800 interested visitors.

Children were enthusiastic about the summer reading club; over 300 visitors came to the closing party alone, and were proud to receive a certificate and a prize from district administrator wilhelm schneider. The biz habfurt also wants to present itself innovatively with a new project: in the summer, not only books and other media will be loaned out, but also everyday objects that are only occasionally needed in the household and during leisure time. It is planned to lend baking pans, but also hand tools such as a drill or an electric meter, also cordless screwdrivers for the do-it-yourselfer. The handicraft lovers can try themselves on a sewing machine or try new things with knitting needle sets. In the run-up there should be a survey, what can be used for the party or the vacation once

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