The freu(n)de with the ball

the freu(n)de with the ball

27 children snake through the hall of the TV marktsteft, bounce the handball, with the corresponding background noise. They obviously enjoy the wednesday training with the male e-youth of HG marktsteft/rodelsee. He didn’t have to make friends first, here he had some right away, is how ten-year-old benedikt sums up his motivation and that of his friends.
They are all enthusiastic about handball and are already playing well in the D-jugend-bezirksoberliga in the later age group. With bernhard etzelmuller, horst matern, christian robmark, gerhard deppisch and lars gruner, a five-headed team, mixed from marktsteftern and rodelseern, looks after the kids – who also come from these towns. There are also people from marktbreiter and uffenheimer. Dusan suchy, coach of the rodelsee bavarian league team, takes care of the advanced e- youngsters: "nothing gets him out of his stride and he teaches them the craft of handball piece by piece", says bernhard etzelmuller, the coordinator.

Giving a lot back to the children

the 49-year-old has been playing handball for 40 years, and his motivation is to pass on to the children what he himself learned in training. He can only explain why there are so many kids in the hall: "I’m just lucky, I can’t help it that there are so many from rodelsee, marktsteft and the surrounding area." The children, however, find a different explanation. The word friends comes up again and again. For lukas (9), it’s as clear as day because he has so many friends here. Christoph (9) came to handball through his sister and found good friends here who are also at the handball training.

Rascals at a young age

the hall is lively, but when the instructors explain something, it gets quiet. Etzelmuller affectionately describes the nine- and ten-year-old kids as a gang of rascals who are of a certain age. Spab, not drill, is the motto, so that they also stay with it. He was particularly pleased that no one stopped playing, but more and more joined: "they are real circles of friends. There are a lot of committed parents who once played handball themselves. Through word-of-mouth propaganda, many children from non-handball families also join the club.
The focus of the training sessions for the e-youth is on motor skills and coordination. "We’re teaching them a lot through play without them even realizing it, says etzelmuller. Throwing techniques, how to behave in one-on-one situations and superior numbers are also taught, since offensive handball is officially required, especially for the youth. Speed is demanded in the E-youth, but by no means any complicated moves. "If they are not taught the rudiments of the game in the right years, they will never learn again, the exercise leader emphasizes.
In the D-youth, on the other hand, the training plan includes building up the game and body exchanges. And here the stefter E-youth keep up well in the bezirksoberliga. But recently they were allowed to participate in their own E-youth tournament. Etzelmuller formed three teams: "no one had to worry about whether they would be used, everyone could concentrate on the game and really let off steam." However, he will not do this so quickly: "if we win every game 16:0 or 12:0, it is no joy for the opponent."
That he doesn’t have to start with adam and eva, he owes to the preliminary work with the minis and picolinis. And if there should be a motor deficit, he runs along alone: "we do dance steps together and repeat the correct running in different exercises." Etzelmuller is aware of the balancing act of ensuring that the good players are properly challenged on the one hand and that the others don’t fall through the cracks on the other hand.
The training in marktsteft is therefore permeable. He can bring up good players from the minis or the E-youth to the next age group, while the others are challenged in their own age group: simple and many exercises with the ball are supposed to bring confidence in one’s own abilities. And if the up-and-coming player is successful, he can then go on to make further progress. "It’s amazing that some of them are developing very quickly, and I didn’t think they would."
He does not see it as a problem that the kids also play soccer or tennis at the same time. "The more sports they play, the better it is."
He describes his students as individual, lovely children who are spirited and who also want to knock off their horns once in a while. "You just have to like these kids, they really grow on you", says the market stone, representing all exercise instructors. The unchecked influx proves him right.

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