The people of reichenbach want the village festival

the people of reichenbach want the village festival

"For me a village is the people and not the buildings." Oliver hillenbrand (19) also wrote his screenplay according to this motto and put it into practice. That the people were in the right place at the right time – that's why local officer fabian noth (27) took care of them. "It took both of us, we have each other erganzt", they say. The result is a unique video that made it to the final five in the "village of villages" competition the village rocker, the saale newspaper and our site has managed. Reichenbach is the only one from lower franconia and now the makers and contributors are hoping for support from the whole district. From 1. Up to the 8. April the winner is determined by online voting. "If we win, we don't take any entrance fee, the festival is meant for everyone", promises fabian noth.

It took a bit
abian noth had already heard about the competition in november last year and contacted oliver hillenbrand. But the student of media science and media practice did not have time. This changed when the local recruiter asked a second time at carnival: semester break. Oliver hillenbrand set to work.
Own ideas had to be combined with the specifications. Each video is based on the song "dorfkind", that is three minutes and 40 seconds long. And with that the long of the video was fixed.

The starting point for the music video was the "harlem shake". The principle: a person dances, the surrounding people don't seem to notice this NOTE. Then there is a cut and suddenly everyone dances like crazy. This topic has been adapted by the video producers. There is a frame story and many funny scenes with everything the village has to offer: young people, old people, fire department, kindergarten, musicians, dances and much more. "What i like best is this village community, that people really stick together, says oliver hillenbrand. And that he has implemented in his video.

As in real film, of course, you don't see anything of what's happening behind the camera. And that was quite a lot. A forklift was ordered to be able to shoot from above. In order to be able to film children riding their bicycles from behind, fabian noth unceremoniously removed the hood of his car. Sitting on the motor oliver hillenbrand filmed the video. "And my measuring stick broke off", tells fabian noth. Sacrifices have to be made in such a video shoot. He does not mind. It was not to remain with the measuring stick. There were also blessings among the performers. A reichenbacher suffered a torn muscle during the shootout. One performer had knee problems. No wonder with the wild dance scenes. "He took a few pills, then it was good again." If you want to bring the village rockers to reichenbach, you simply have to be able to take a few punches as well.

Fabian noth made sure everyone was where they needed to be. And the videomakers had to fight with the weather caprices. Snow had to be cleared for the final mass scene on the road. Every day there was different weather. Sometimes snow fell, sometimes it thawed. They coped with everything.

The cohesion mentioned above is already particularly evident in the mass scene. The filmmakers succeeded in getting around 160 people from reichenbach to the "harlem shake" to move. A munnerstadt resident was also there: mayor helmut blank. He is fully behind the reichenbacher action.

Older people in particular often find it difficult to fidget so wildly. You can't tell from the video, everyone's in on it. Only later did fabian noth reveal that there was a little bit of bribery in the mass dance. The burgermeister and he donated a total of 70 liters of gluhwein and kinderpunsch. A little doping for the harlem shake. Oliver hillenbrand was faced with a tough task at the end of the meeting. Around an hour of footage had to be cut down to three minutes and 40 seconds. The footage – shot with a reflex camera – shows that oliver hillenbrand wants to do this professionally one day. But he has never shot with so many people before.
When something is needed, it's just done in reichenbach. This was also evident at the photo session. Fabian noth unscrewed a place-name sign for the occasion. "But a 50 sign is attached, as it should be", he says.

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