Theater association “ollmaleddich miemez” earns stormy applause for comedies

theater association 'ollmaleddich miemez' earns stormy applause for comedies

The theater club "ollmaleddich miemez" offered an entertaining evening last saturday in the hall of the hotel-gasthof "wasserschlob with his successful presentation of the comedy "money alone makes you happy" by wolfgang binder.
Theater in skillful manner, expressive and with rough play zeal, so presented themselves once again the famous actors of the mitwitzer theater club. How the actors fill the roles with life is simply grandiose.
The somewhat dusty-looking civil servant heribert scholz, sympathetically and wonderfully wittily portrayed by klaus bruckner, is about to get married. Unfortunately, he does not recognize the true nature of his fiancee judith, who is only after his million dollar winnings. His neighbor rebecca kramer is a saucy person and is played with temperament and precision in every detail by andrea braunersreuther.

"Likeable lady"

Helpful and hands-on as she is, she helps him to clean up his apartment. However, she suffers a small mishap, which earns her a wet pair of pants. It comes as it must. She takes off her wet pants and judith catches her fiance two days before the wedding with a half-naked woman in his apartment. Judith francke, the money-grubbing, likeable lady, portrayed in an absolutely convincing and multifaceted way by sabine muller, is of course not amused. To make matters worse, fred bayerswald, rebecca’s boyfriend, a redneck like in the book and very amusing and skilfully exaggerated by herbert thurn, enters the apartment with a vengeance. Judith finds this chav disgusting, until the time he tells her a secret.
This conversation is overheard by rebecca. Together with rebecca’s mother margot, played with verve by jutta kinninger, a plan is forged …
The performances are directed by petra thurn and directed by claudia schwammlein.

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