“We are not second-class burgers!”

In the east of bamberg on friday was already the 1. April. Why, explained heinz jung, district chairman of the bamberg nature conservation association at a rally in front of the plarrergelande, which was attended by about 150 demonstrators in the form of a star march.

"The city council worries about larm protection in the city center at maxplatz. The same city councilor is not interested in an increase of air traffic, even at night time. This can only be an april joke! Or are we people in the east only second-class burgers??", raged young. This will not be tolerated for long.

Although they had already said "yes" to the to the millions in gifts for brose, even though schools don’t have enough money to buy a bucket of paint. One has also "yes" said to a work shift. According to jung, no new jobs will be created, but merely relocated from coburg to bamberg. The burgers in the east also said "yes said to the expansion of the airfield. "But that is over now. We say ‘no’ in the future and demand a ban on night flights without restrictions, a limit on the frequency of flights and the designation of the airfield as a nature reserve."

Jung was supported not only by the vociferous demonstrators, but also by dietmar beck, a retired resident and air traffic controller, and dieter volk of the german traffic club, among others. Beck, for example, complained about a lack of transparency: "we from the lichteneiche citizens’ initiative have made great efforts to obtain information about the expansion of breitenau. But what did we get? Nothing. It was only bricked." In order to finally dispel the mistrust, the city should finally provide reliable figures on the expected flight volume.

The necessity of designating the airfield as a nature reserve was explained by hermann bosche of the nature research society of bamberg and the graduate biologist martin bucker. "What looks like a simple grassy plain harbors the coarse diversity of species that is unparalleled anywhere in germany", bucker emphasized. So there were over 1000 species of plants in the meadow, including many threatened with extinction.

But also in the animal world more than 54 bird species could be detected. "The city of bamberg protects the area by city council resolution, but that is not enough for us. Because if the brose company later wants to use an expansion option for its buildings, a simple decision by the city council can remove the protection again", bucker said. Only the status "nature conservation konne this "salami tactic" prevent.

After the rally, the press officer of the aero club, armin hirmke, contacted the editorial office and expressed his regret that he had not been given permission to speak by those responsible for the rally. He had, as he said, to the "half-truths" gladly took a stand.

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