Women lose working time

In the corona crisis, women have to accept higher working hours than men. They are also less likely to receive supplementary short-time allowances, according to a survey by the trade union hans bockler foundation published on tuesday. An important reason for the renewed shutdown is that women have taken on additional care work, such as looking after children or caring for relatives.

According to the foundation, in november it interviewed more than 6100 people who had already given information about their situation during the pandemic in april and june.

According to the study, the actual number of hours worked per week for men in return for pay has returned to the pre-crisis level of 38 hours, with the exception of two hours. For the women, the difference was 32 hours, three hours more than before. If there are children in the household who need looking after, the men now work 39 hours instead of 41, while the women now spend 28 hours on the job instead of 31. Hardly any differences can be seen in short-time work at first. Dpa

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